GRI Smart Optical-Controlled Window Film

The world's First photochromic film,Changing colour with solor radiation

Core indicators

Smart optical - control window film

UV Rejection > 99%

IR Rejection > 80%

Visible transmittance within 20% to 80% can be adjusted

High performance thermal insulation & high transparency window films

UV Rejection > 99%

IR Rejection > 80%

Visible transmittance > 70-85%

No electronic signal interference

Precious metal sputtering

window films

UV Rejection > 99%

IR Rejection > 80%

Visible transmittance > 80-30%

Precious metallic color expression

High-end explosion-proof/thermal insulation films

UV Rejection > 99%

IR Rejection > 80%

Visible transmittance > 50%

Typical thickness 80-300um

Advanced technology


Precious metal magnetron sputtering technique + Nano ceramin particle coating technology


Automatic adjustment of visible light comfort level


High precision nano coating


High UV and IR rejection

Schematic diagram for layer structure

Example of energy and cost savings

According to the actual monitoring of the heat generated by solar energy in Shenzhen summer, the direct heat load generated by solar energy is 900W/m2, considering the average heat load conversion of glass is 500W/m2, and the annual total sunshine time is 1608 hour in Shenzhen, thus the annual energy consumption per square meter of glass increased by heat load generated by solar radiation into the indoor is ( 500W/m2 X 1608h ) / 4 = 201 kwh. If the total solar energy insulation rate of smart optically-controlled window film is 80%, then the annual energy-saving is 201 kwh/m2 X 80% = 160.8 kwh/m2.

Product process control

Clean room for coating

Magnetron sputtering

Precision Coating




PDLC Film consists of a polymer matrix of liquid crystals enclosed by electrically conductive Indium Tin Oxide-coated PET film. The resulting PDLC Film has wiring attached to a conductive copper strip (busbar) along the film’s edge. This wiring isconnected to a step-down transformer through which power is supplied for the “on” (clear) state.

Practical cases

Doors and windows of building,outdoor ceiling,car front,side and rear windows,doors and windows of train,aircraft,cruise ships and other vehicles.

Doors,windows,screens,and ceiling of all buildings such as air ports,hotels,schools,public places and residential areas,etc.

Commercial Building




Cruise ship